March Poll Results: What cheer gear item do you want, but are hesitant to buy?

by omni

When it comes to cheerleading, you spend more than any other sport. That’s right‚ it’s a sport, and an expensive one at that! Cutting costs is the name of the game when it comes to affording season after season, since cheerleaders rarely stop once they get started in cheer. One way to lower the cost of cheer is to shop around with cheer gear retailers to get the most quality for the lowest prices. Another way is to shop strategically when it comes to timing, shipping and handling, and promotional periods. One thing’s for sure: if you don’t need it, it might get waitlisted over cheer essentials. But, which items of cheer apparel frighten your wallet the most? We wanted to know in our March poll, so we went ahead and asked which cheer gear item you want, but are hesitant about adding it to cart. We asked, nearly 300 of you voted, and here the results were surprisingly even split: 1. At the top of the list, at a solid 25%, are cheer shoes. Wait, what?? Cheer shoes are definitely a cheer essential‚ you can’t take the mat, the court, or the sidelines without them! However, we totally get that there is major confusion when it comes to figuring out which cheer shoes cater to your specific cheerleading needs. Cheer shoes fall into several categories (indoor, outdoor, mesh, leather, etc.), and the trial and error approach to shoes isn’t a fun game when some cheer shoes cost hundreds of dollars! Luckily, in-stock cheer retailers offer affordable, durable, and comfortable cheer shoes for both sideline and competitive teams, so you don’t have to guess any longer. 2. Second in the list, with 59 votes, are accessories. Are they really necessary? Add-on team order items, like bows and keychains, may seem a little superfluous in the bigger picture of gearing up for a season, but what’s a cheerleader without a bow? Believe it or not, it’s all about the bow; if money is tight this season, maybe save cheer accessory purchases for special occasions, like Christmas or your cheerleader’s birthday! They will definitely appreciate getting cheer-oriented extras when it matters most. Plus, most cheer companies offer accessories as low as $2. 3. At a close third place, 57 voters chose team travel bags as their items left in cart. All cheerleaders travel in some way: either to competitions or to other schools or just to and from team practice! Obviously, you need to store cheer necessities in SOMETHING, but is it warranted to purchase the whole team matching travel bags? That is up to you‚ but in-stock cheer companies often offer promotional shipping deals with a cart minimum, as well as sturdy travel bags at half the cost. 4. Another surprisingly close answer was new team uniforms, at 53 votes. Sure, you can probably use the same uniforms as last year and just order some fill-ins for new cheerleaders. But, will that really make your Homecoming pop?? And, competitive teams have to continually shake up their look so it doesn’t get stale on the mat. Bad news for your wallet, but great news for your team’s reputation. 5. Last, but not least, is anything sublimated at 52 votes. Sublimation is growing fast for sideline and competitive teams, so it seems most have adapted to this new heat-infusing technology! With cost-effective sublimation on the market, like from GK Elite, Under Armour, and Chasse, why not go ahead and splurge a little on a custom look for half the price tag? See the full results of the poll in the graph below, and don’t forget to vote in our April poll live on our site now. Were you surprised about the results? Are you hesitant to buy something not listed? Let us know in the comments!

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