March Poll Results: What cheer gear do you need right now?

by omni

It’s the best time of year for cheerleaders and cheer fanatics: springtime, when cheer retailers roll out their new product lines! The weather is warming, seasons are at their peak, tryouts are being conducted for next season, and cheer gear couldn’t be more affordable with prices dropping to accommodate new arrivals! Whether you’re into the latest cheer fashions or exclusively a closeout shopper, one thing’s for certain‚ you want more! But, what do you crave specifically? With new arrivals in every cheer category, what got you the most excited when you received your 2016 catalog in the mail? What have you been liking the most and sharing on social media as part of your cheer wish list? We asked over the past month what cheer gear items you have your eye on, nearly 300 readers cast their vote, and now, we reveal the results: This was a close one! With only a few percentage points to take the lead, the number one answer was “more bows! “. Obviously, the cheer hair bow is a staple of the sport, both regular and jumbo-sized. This season’s hair bows have the most unique patterns, too, with a style fitting every kind of cheer personality. And, why stop there? There are fun cheer accessories on the market that take bows to a whole new level, like mini-bow keychains. Don’t forget about cheer tees and tanks with bows on them, too! Take a bow, bow lovers, for this is your year. In a close second place, voters said that they are yearning for new practice wear. This is to be expected‚ what, with the seasons changing, both on the calendar and in cheerleading. It’s almost time for camp, after all! After rigorous training for tryouts, it’s no surprise that you’re in need for an upgrade on your practice wear. Take your look at practice and camp a step further with Sublimated Practice Wear from Chasse! And what goes with practice wear, then with new cheer shoes (aka, answer number three)? Since both competition and sideline seasons are simultaneously wrapping up soon, you’ve probably worn down your cheer shoes going full out time and time again. With proper care, cheer shoes can last a couple seasons, but you’ve got to admit‚ cheerleading is hard on your feet! Luckily, we offer top-quality cheer shoes at competitive prices, so you don’t break your bank every time you need to replace your footwear. The fourth most selected answer was “a travel bag “. Considering you might have a few competitions left to go, or you’ve been attending away basketball games all semester thus far, you’ve probably already gotten your travel bag on lock. But, or the 11% who said a bag is what they crave, then there are inexpensive ways to travel in style, like the Chasse Weekender Backpack or Glitter Duffle Bag. The answer that came in last place is pretty typical: only 9% of you want team warmups. Considering spring has sprung, putting on a jacket and pants seems contradictory of what you want out of the weather. However, remember that “April showers bring May flowers’, and there might be some weather ahead for your team before summertime! Also, how fresh would your team look rolling into those final competitions or away games in matching warmups? Pretty fresh. Maybe some you wanted everything, but could only pick one option. For those that wanted all of the above, be sure to check out all of our New Arrivals for your next order! See the full results below, and be sure to vote in our new April poll! Were you surprised about the results? What specific cheer gear items are on your radar right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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