Making the Grade: Helping a Friend Struggling in School

by omni

For most school cheer squads, all team members are required to maintain certain grades. Regardless of how high or low the minimum requirement is, a cheerleader may occasionally have trouble keeping their grades up during a hectic and busy season. As dedicated as you or a friend may be to cheer, school is also important and cheerleaders should dedicate time for homework and studying. It’s understandable that, as a season and semester progresses, a cheerleader may fall behind in work. It’s hard juggling school and cheer – both of which require a lot of time and dedication. Even if you’re thriving in school, don’t let a teammate fall by the wayside. You’re part of a team, which means everyone should help one another in order to achieve a common goal of success and improvement. Your team can’t be the best if a teammate isn’t making the required grades. Hopefully, your team is close enough that your teammates can reach out for help. If a teammate asks you for help, have a plan of action ready. First, ask the teammate how she needs help in improving her grades. Is she struggling in one particular subject? Does she need to bring up all her grades? Is there one big test coming up that could make or break her GPA? Before you can begin studying, you’ve got to have an overview of the entire situation to know where you should devote your time. Next, think of someone who is successful in school. It’s probably you if that person has asked for your help. Think about how you keep up your grades. How do you do your homework? How often do you study? How do you balance your schedule? The best way to help is to share your tactics for success. Start a study group with the struggling teammate; you can even invite other teammates to join! If you’re a captain or coach and you’ve been approached by a struggling teammate, offer to host or supervise a team study session. After or before practice, dedicate time for working on homework or studying. Another way you can help is by suggesting to the teammate that she should speak with her teachers. Are there any extra credit assignments she can do? Can she make up a test? Explain that if she shares her situation with her teachers – like how busy her schedule is with class and cheer – they may be sympathetic and offer to help. The teacher may even offer to help her study after class. As a coach or captain, don’t wait until the end of the semester to discuss grades. Every few weeks, check in with your team to see how they’re doing with grades and class. Remind your team that it’s crucial that they maintain their GPA, not only to remain on the team but also because school is important! As much as cheer may feel like your entire world, you can’t ignore class or school. Even though you may be a cheerleader for life, your life and career won’t always be cheer. Always keep the future in mind. Now tell us! How do you keep your grades up? Do you have any specific tactics or methods? Have you ever helped a teammate with her grades? If so, how did you help?

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