Major News: $1 Million Worth of Grants for Youth Cheer Squads

by omni

Huge news in the cheerleading world! Cheerleading apparel company Chasse has announced the launch of its Youth Leaders Fund. As a way to give back to the cheer community, youth cheer organizations in need of financial assistance can apply for a grant. Find out all the details below in Chasse’s press release. To apply, or for more information, visit CHASSE LAUNCHES YOUTH LEADERS FUND, OFFERS $1 MILLION IN GRANTS Cheerleading apparel company Chasse furthers its Cheer For The Cause initiative with new grant program for youth cheerleading organizations. Cheerleading apparel company Chasse announced today the launch of a new grant program called the Youth Leaders Fund, available to youth cheerleading organizations. The grant program makes a fund of $1 million available throughout the 2014 calendar year to eligible organizations. Applications are now being accepted online at or via fax, mail or email. Any youth organization that meets the eligibility requirements detailed on the application form may apply to receive a grant. Organizations eligible for the grant include church and recreational groups, school squads, and community football and cheerleading leagues. Funds will be available through the year until the total amount has been awarded. The Youth Leaders Fund is part of the company’s Cheer For The Cause initiative, which allows the company to find ways to support, and give back to, the cheerleading community. “Cheerleading offers a priceless opportunity for our youth to grow both mentally and physically, but it can be expensive. We receive many requests each year asking us to help support teams and organizations, and this is our answer. We’ve established this fund of $1 million to help youth cheer organizations cover the costs of their uniforms, apparel, accessories and shoes, and to help eliminate financial roadblocks that make cheerleading inaccessible to some families,” commented Brita Bolane, Vice President of Chasse. Grant recipients will be able to apply the received award funds to the purchase of in-stock Chasse products (including uniforms, shoes, practice wear, warm-ups, bags, and accessories), which are all available at cheerleading retailers Campus Teamwear and Omni Cheer. Chasse has frequently been involved in the community over the past few years, having donated items to numerous charitable causes and local cheer events. For more information on Chasse and the Youth Leaders Fund, visit the company website. ### ABOUT CHASSE: Chasse is a leader and innovator in the world of cheerleading apparel and accessories, providing affordable and high-performance in-stock cheerleading apparel to cheerleaders of all ages. ABOUT THE YOUTH LEADERS FUND: The Youth Leaders Fund is a program developed and launched in 2014 by cheerleading company Chasse. The program provides $1 million worth of grants available per calendar year to eligible youth cheerleading organizations in good standing. What do you think about this initiative?

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