Learning Cheers Like a Pro

by omni

Cheering. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast! Like teaching a cheer, learning new cheers isn’t as simple as it sounds. While there are a few simple cheers that only require a few steps and words, many are more complicated and involve intricate choreography that every cheerleader must perform in unison. If you’re a new cheerleader, learning is even more difficult and it can take some time before you quickly nail down a routine. But with a few of our tips, it’ll be easier for you to learn cheers and routines and you’ll feel confident in your cheer uniform performing for the crowd. When learning a cheer, the very first thing you should do is stand as close to the coach or instructor as possible. Depending on the size of your squad, you’ll probably spread out into a few rows when learning and practicing. While it may seem scary being at the very front without anyone in front of you to follow, it will help you in the long run. A lot of times if you’re towards the back you can’t see the coach as well. You’ll find yourself relying on a teammate in front of you to learn (and they might not be doing everything correctly!). Also, by standing in the front, you are forced to learn the routine and not rely on following anyone else. Your brain will work much harder to remember what the coach is teaching you if you know you can’t turn and look at someone else to take the lead. Next, don’t be afraid to ask the coach to slow down or repeat something. Chances are, you aren’t the only one who may not be keeping up or who missed something. Your coach or instructor will want to know if anyone is having trouble and will be happy to hear someone speak up about any concerns. If your squad takes a break in between learning a routine, use that time to practice! During those breaks, you may quickly forget parts of the cheer. Take a few moments to catch your breath and drink water but then get back up and repeat what you’ve learned! It helps if you practice with another teammate. You may have forgotten a move that she remembered or vice versa. Once you’ve learned the routine, teach it! Did one of your teammates miss that practice? Volunteer to teach her over the weekend. Or, teach your little sister, your mom, a family member, or friend. Why should you teach a cheer? It can actually help you learn and remember the cheer better! Studies have shown that by teaching, a student can actually remember and understand the information better. After you’ve learned a cheer or routine, go home and teach it to someone! Remember these tips and you’ll have an easier time learning chants and cheers. The faster you learn, the more time you have to perfect your moves and stand out and shine on the sidelines, court, and blue mat! Extra Tip #1: If you’re really worried about forgetting something in the routine, write it down! Bring a small notepad and pencil with you and jot down notes as you learn. While on break, look them over and fill in anything you missed. Extra Tip #2: There’s strength in numbers when it comes to learning. After practice, get together with a few other teammates and repeat the routine a few times. Extra Tip #3: Run through the routine right before bed. Whether you do it in your room or just practice the cheer in your mind, do one practice run of the new routine before you go to bed. This will help prevent you from forgetting something the next day. What helps you learn routines? What are your tips for new cheerleaders?

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