Keep The Spirit of Camp Alive All Season

by omni

Check out the complete Cheerleading Guide To Summer Camp – available now for free! The end of cheerleading camp season is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing – the regular season is coming up fast! Cheerleading squads spend several months planning and executing fundraising activities for camp, and then dedicate themselves for a week or more to learning as much as they can. So now that camp is ending, what’s next? What can a squad do to keep their new and perfected cheer (and life!) skills fresh so they can apply them to their season, and pass them along to future squad members? Here are just a few ways to keep camp spirit alive! Do a visual comparison. Before attending camp, record your squad performing a routine. Spend some time evaluating the performance and taking notes. Record another version of the same routine after your team attends camp. Compare the two videos with your team and point out areas where they have improved. Sometimes a person’s achievements will really sink in when they can get a visual on them! Recognize your team’s achievements. Most camps will have a competition and awards ceremony, but go above and beyond that to recognize your team’s successes and encourage them to have the best year they can! Create your own certificates of achievement, based on the unique members of your squad, and surprise your team after camp with a ceremony. Or, just take some time at the next practice or meeting to recap the successes of each team member. Send a recap of your team’s experience to local news, and secure a feature in your school’s newspaper. Create a cheer book. But take it to the next level! Have the captain take all the squad member’s notes and create one big package of lessons, quotes, inspiration, motivation and photos. You can have one team copy printed, and if you have the funds you can print a book for each squad member. Expand camp’s team building. Have a team meeting and let each team member have the floor for a few minutes to talk about what they learned. You can even give them specific topics to talk about (such as: What was your favorite moment? What did you learn about yourself? How do you think you will be a better team mate now?). Strive to make this a sharing/ teaching/ learning event. One team member may have learned something that another didn’t, so it is really important to recap! Relive camp! Before your first game, turn one of your practices into a camp clinic to refresh the best from camp, like safety lessons, technique tips and teamwork. Have you developed your own way to keep camp spirit alive all season? Share it with us and our readers here!

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