July Poll Results: How Many Pairs of Cheer Shoes Do You Own?

by omni

You can’t cheer in just any old shoe. Cheer shoes are designed with the cheerleader in mind and give you the grip and support you need to tumble, fly, stunt and everything in between. We’ve talked a lot about the various cheer shoes you can get and the best ones for your position, so we wanted to hear from you. Our July poll asked how many pairs of cheer shoes you own, and the results are in! Most of you have one pair of cheer shoes. You’ve found what works for you, and you’re sticking with it. Make sure you know how to take proper care of that one pair though! A lot of you have two to four pairs of cheer shoes, and some of you are cheer shoe fanatics! See the full results below and be sure to check back in a couple days for next month’s poll.

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