July Cheer News You Don’t Want to Miss!

by omni

This month held some major news for the cheer world, especially professional cheerleaders and those aspiring to become them. We covered this new development, as well as other important information for cheerleaders to know this summer. Here’s a look at some of the top cheer news: Now you can officially make a career out of cheerleading in at least one state. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law this week declaring cheerleaders of professional sports teams employees of those teams. Now that cheerleaders are official employees of the professional sports organizations rather than independent contractors, they get benefits like minimum wage, sick leave, and overtime pay. This is a big deal because NFL cheerleading has been called one of the worst jobs in America due to the hard work that goes into it for little pay. When it comes to cheer training, there are some corners you just shouldn’t cut. Here are six traps to avoid if you want to reach your full cheer potential. Every cheerleader knows cheerleading is a lifestyle. There’s so much more to it than the time spent on the sidelines and at competitions. It can be easy to get caught up in stress, nerves, and drama, but that takes away so much from the incredible experience of cheerleading. So shake off the negativity and check out these five habits of happy cheerleaders. When it comes to a cheerleaders’ closet, there are some things you just have to have. Here are the five closet essentials for cheerleaders. Circuits are one of the best, most efficient workouts‚ plus, you can do them in your own backyard. They keep your body guessing as opposed to something like running where you are doing the same thing at the same pace all the time (although running can play a big part in your overall fitness goals). Circuits also allow you to hit a lot of different muscle areas, and you won’t get bored doing them as long as you change up what exercises you include. What cheer issues have you been thinking and reading about?

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