It’s All About the Bow

by omni

If there’s one accessory cheerleaders love, it’s hair bows. Most cheerleaders have bows for practice, competition, and some just for fun! Bows come in a huge variety of shapes, styles, colors, and designs, and can even be completely customized to you or your team’s individual look, making them an important part of a cheerleader’s outfit, and, dare we say, identity. What type of bows are out there to choose from? We’ve teamed up with cheerleading apparel company Chasse to break down some of the options for you. Classic The classic bow will be subtle in shape and design. These are perfect for use on the sidelines or at practice, or whenever you want to spruce up your ponytail without outshining your uniform. Some classic bows will have a simple one-ribbon look, while others will still utilize multi-layers of ribbons for body and shape. This polka dot bow by Chasse keeps your look classy AND sassy. Animal Print If you’re a little wild, your bow should be too! Animal print bows are incredibly popular for All Star and high school teams looking to add a little wow to their roar. Some All Star teams have fully customized, bling-ed out, amazing bows created to accentuate not only their team’s name but their team’s spirit. If your budget isn’t as wild as your style, there are a lot of cute in stock options available, like this 2-color animal print hair bow by Chasse. Metallic and Sequin Want your bow to shine like your fabulous routine? Look into a metallic or sequin hair bow! They’ll catch everyone’s eye from the stands as you strut your stuff on the sidelines or competition mat. Many companies, like Chasse, match their metallic bows to their uniforms, so you can rock a complimentary look. Or, go for something a little flashier, like a 2-color sequined hair bow to brighten up even the highest ponytail. Performance “If all else fails, get a bigger bow!” We don’t know who said it first, but it’s so true, and you can’t get much bigger than jumbo performance bows! They’re sturdy, they’re bright, and they stand out as you hit your stunts. Whether your uniforms are subtle and you want your bow to take center stage, or your whole look is a show-stopper, performance bows fit the bill. Check out this Rhinestone & Sequin Performance Hair Bow that hits the mark in 14 different colors. One tip we have if you’re part of a competition team is to check every competition’s restrictions on bow type and size. Some will not allow any metal pieces in the hair tie itself, and some will have a maximum size of bow they allow on the floor. Having a classic bow as a back up to your performance bow is a safe bet that no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what rules you’ve got to follow, you’ll be ready with a fabulous bow! What’s your favorite type of bow?

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