Is this school’s response to a dress code violation appropriate?

by omni

We recently discussed a Mississippi high school that stopped letting its cheerleaders wear their uniforms to school on game days. Now, a Florida school has an issue with one of its student’s skirts. On her third day at a new school, an Oakleaf High School student was sent to the nurse’s office because a teacher said her skirt was too short. The girl was given a neon-yellow t-shirt that reads “DRESS CODE VIOLATION” and red sweatpants that say the same thing down the leg. Her mom called the outfit a “shame suit.” The school’s dress code says skirts must be knee-length or longer, and the student’s was a couple inches above her knee. She said she didn’t mean to break the dress code. The student had just moved to Florida from Seattle eight days before school and wasn’t aware of the rule. Her mom said her daughter is a good kid with no record of getting in trouble. The student was so distressed by having to wear the “DRESS CODE VIOLATION” outfit that she said she broke out in hives. Her mom said she believes in disciplining her children, but the way the school handled it was about humiliation, not discipline. You can read more on the story from ABC’s Good Morning America. What do you think? Did the school go too far in disciplining the student for breaking the dress code or is the punishment fitting?

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