Is Athletic Safety A Priority?

by omni

For one high school, the answer is yes, the safety of its athletes is a priority. An article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, focuses on one high school’s announcement of their plans for a concussion-management program, which is being funded by their local health system facility. The program consists of a baseline concussion reading test, said to take about 20 minutes, and will be administered prior to the start of the fall sports season. Having a pre-concussion record will give physicians a reading to compare post-concussion tests to, and help better determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to competition after a concussion. The school is allowing all athletes, including those involved in what are described as ‘non-contact sports’ such as cheerleading activities, to be eligible. What do you think of this program, or programs like it, that are taking the long-term effects of concussion more seriously, being initiated? Is it something you would like to see initiated at your school, or is your school doing a similar program already?

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