Inside Shipping & Handling Hacks for Parents

by omni

Here, at Omni Cheer, we have a variety of different shipping and handling options available for you. Shipping can add a hefty cost to your order and is often an oversight that coaches forget to budget for. One of the best options, of course, is to order early. By ordering early, you will not have to spend any additional cost for expedited shipping, which can get expensive depending on the cost of your order. We all love the convenience of ordering online and our Omni Cheer website makes it easy! Signing up for email promotions is the best way to stay up to date with monthly promotions to save on your order. We often have several shipping and handling promotions throughout the year and by signing up for our emails, you will be the first to know to take advantage of the promotions. One of the best options for shipping and handling is to order on our website‚ any order over $75 qualifies for free cheer saver shipping! I love online shopping: it is so easy, convenient and the best way to save on shipping. If you are unable to order online, we do offer free shipping codes inside every catalog to be used on qualifying* orders over $200 (orders must include clothing, shoe and megaphone only). We occasionally offer different shipping promotions over the phone, so be sure to ask your phone representative if there are any promotions going on at that can be applied to your order. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask! We all like to save a little money here and there. Most of the time, shipping is the one thing we all forget to budget for, so be sure to order early so you can take advantage of those savings. When it comes to shipping and handling, the best hack is to order early! We have a 24-48 business hour processing time to pick and ship your order so, if you order late, that can be the difference between three-day shipping and needing one-day shipping to get your order on time. Getting the entire order, or at least the bulk of your order, in early can save you a good chunk of money by choosing a standard shipping option instead of having to rush and expedite your order. Also with ordering early, you would be surprised how many times cheerleaders think they know their shoe size but actually, they order a shoe two sizes too small. By ordering early, you don’t have to stress if you need to return or exchange sizes. Typically, cheerleaders fundraise hard to raise money for uniforms; why waste that hard-earned money on shipping cost?! Here, at Omni Cheer, we offer a low price guarantee on our products as well as different shipping promotions to help save you money. The biggest order hack is to order early. If you cannot order early, be sure to sign up for our email promotions to take advantage of web promotions throughout to year. Happy ordering! What are other shipping and handling hacks that you know? Let us know in the comments!

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