How to Shop for Cheer Practice Wear

by omni

Spring is a popular time to shop for new cheerleading practice wear. Maybe you’re doing some spring cleaning and replacing your old cheer gear, preparing for cheer camp or a new season of practices, or starting to receive cheer apparel catalogs in the mail and eager to shop the latest cheer styles. Whatever your reason for stocking up on practice wear, there are four things you should consider as you pick out your cheer clothing. Type. Cheer practice wear is different than other sports’ practice wear. Make sure you don’t buy just any athletic shorts and shirts you see at the mall. Not all sports gear is equal. The needs of basketball or soccer players, for example, are not the same as the needs of cheerleaders. You don’t want so stunt and tumble in baggy shorts. You want clothing that is lightweight and fitted. While you can find practice wear that will work for cheerleading in some stores, you will rarely find clothing designed specifically for cheerleaders. It’s best to shop from cheerleading catalogs or the websites of cheer retailers for clothing designed to meet the demands of cheerleading. Safety. Practice wear that is worn out or doesn’t fit well anymore can be more than just an inconvenience” “it can be a safety hazard. When you’re stunting or tumbling, you or your teammates can get a finger, arm, leg, etc. caught up in loose clothing or holes in clothing. So make sure you purchase practice wear that fits you well and that you replace your practice wear when it gets worn out. Style. One of the best things about cheerleading clothes is that they are so fashionable. Whether your style is girly, sporty, spirited, a combination, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of options to fit your taste. You can pair classic Soffe cheer shorts with a cute cheer t-shirt or tank, go with this sporty look Cheer Channel’s Superstars of All-Stars cheerleader Hope Bravo posted on Instagram, or try an athletic feel with cheer spandex inspired by this cheer outfit fellow Superstar Taylor Faulk tweeted. Occasion. When shopping, keep in mind that you’ll need different types of cheer clothes for different occasions. You will probably want to pack graphic cheer tanks for camp to show your spirit and have a soft, lightweight tank to keep you comfortable all day long. For tumbling and stunting, a fitted outfit will let you move and help your coach better critique your form. For conditioning and choreography, you will likely prefer loose, lightweight cotton shorts and tops to keep you cool and comfortable. Team cheer shirts are great for casual performances like at pep rallies or to wear at fundraisers and other cheer events. What’s your favorite cheer practice outfit?

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