How To Perform A Straight Jump for Cheerleading

by omni

Jumps may be a basic move in cheerleading, but they’re used in cheer choreography at elite levels in cheerleading competitions, they are mandatory to know at cheerleading tryouts and they are even used to hype up crowds after a performance or a team’s touch down. Jumps are an easy move to learn when beginning cheerleading and are great building blocks as you become more experienced and your choreography routines get tougher. It’s very important to develop good technique for jump entry, and to practice your jump in repetition for conditioning and to help build your muscle memory. Always warm up and stretch before physical activity. The Straight Jump (also known as the T Jump or the Pencil Jump) is the most basic jump in cheerleading, but it is a great move to help cheerleaders practice their timing and their body position for more complicated moves. How To Perform A Straight Jump for Cheerleading Click above to view large image Start your jump entry with your feet together, your arms straight down on your side and your hands in fists. Clap your hands and then put your arms into a high V position. As soon as your arms are up, bend your knees and cross your arms downward into an “X” position in front of your knees. As you are continuing to swing your arm motion back out and up, use your bent knees to launch yourself into the air. Jump straight up, keeping your legs together, your head and chest up, and your back straight. The straight jump should be done with a stiff and tight posture. Your arms can hit a T or a High V position (pictured here). Point your toes! When you land, bend your knees to absorb the shock, and bring your arms straight down by your side, keeping your hands in fists. Straighten your knees once you are steady, and finish the jump with a clap. *While executing these each of these steps, make sure they are done quickly and consecutively of each other so the result is one continual motion.

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