How To Perfect Your Prom Beauty Plan: Winning vs. Fail

by omni

Get all the prom tips from Cheerleading Blog by downloading the free Cheerleading Guide To Planning The Perfect Prom! Prom is just a few weeks away, and whether it’s your first or last time attending, the key to a fairy tale evening is in the planning. I may be lacking the official Fairy Godmother title, and that all-important wand, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you make a truly magical memory! As a member of the cheerleading community, you understand all the details that go into your performance look. Perfecting a beauty plan for prom is no exception to details, but don’t forget to adjust your goals from performance-ready to prom-ready. Here are prom’s worst red carpet fails, and the winning ways to avoid them. Fail: Thinking that your stylist is psychic, or has the same taste as you, and ending up sporting a beehive at prom. Winning: Showing your hairstylist pictures of looks you do and don’t like. Fail: Messing up your picture perfect hair trying to put your hair bling in yourself. Winning: Bringing your hair bling for your stylist to use when placing each hair perfectly. Fail: Glowing like a radioactive fruit with dew streaks, rocking the lobster look or leaving a skin-crumb trail behind you. Winning: Coloring inside the lines by remembering to exfoliate before and moisturize after tanning, and not abusing bronzers. Prom queen tip: Resist the urge to tan the day of prom. You skin will need at least a day to calm the redness and to lose that tanning bed smell. Fail: Tempting your skin to react with breakouts, blemishes or blotches by using new makeup or skin care products. Winning: Sticking to what you know to keep your skin’s appearance balanced and calm. Fail: Irritating or peeling off the sensitive skin around your eyes as a result of your at-home-hair-removal attempt. Winning: Knowing when to take your beauty needs to a professional that is armed with training, and a magnifying glass. Prom queen tip: Schedule your eyebrow waxing session for at least one day before prom. Try going immediately after a hot shower, since the steam will open your hair follicles. Fail: Getting overshadowed by shiny prom decorations because your look and makeup are bland. Winning: Customizing your look with bold accessories, colors and glitter. Fail: Underestimating your nail polish’s commitment to its evil plot to chip. Winning: Overcoming your nail polish’s evil plot to chip by allowing plenty of time for your polish to dry, then letting it dry for an additional 5 or 10 minutes. Prom queen tip: Dig out your wallet and pay for your manicure before the polish goes on your nails. Fail: Sitting out during the Cha Cha Slide because you didn’t hydrate before your massage and now your muscles are sore. Winning: Protecting your muscles and immune system by hydrating, hydrating, hydrating before and after a massage, the same way you prepare your body for a performance. Prom queen tip: If you are wearing new shoes, spend some time breaking them in around your house before the big night. See you next week when I break down what to expect when the big day arrives! Have your own fail-proof plan to winning prom beauty? Speak up below!

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