How To Hit an Arabesque Cheerleading Stunt

by omni

The Arabesque is a body movement that is often seen in dance, but it is also a common move in cheerleading. The Arabesque is an intermediate level cheer skill but still requires poise, flexibility and a comprehensive understanding of basic cheerleading motions and techniques. The Arabesque is most often performed by a flyer that is elevated in a cheerleading stunt group, but this guide is meant to help beginners master the stunt on the ground before trying it in the air. A cheerleader that wants to master this stunt is going to have to put major time into improving her flexibility and balance, as well as strengthening her core and legs. Without those techniques and that power, a cheerleader will lack the body control needed stay centered during the stunt. How To Perform An Arabesque Click above to view large image Stand sideways with your legs together and straight and your arms at your side. When an Arabesque is performed in the air, only one foot will be in the bases’ grip, so when practicing on the floor, put all your weight on the inside of the foot that is not being raised. Begin to raise one leg up and out behind you, while pulling your arms up toward a basic T motion. Be sure to keep your toes pointed! As your body adjusts to standing on one leg, your back will begin to arch – let this happen but be sure to keep your hips and core centered. Continue to push your leg up and out behind you, keeping it straight, until it is parallel to the ground (about a 90 degree angle to your back). As your leg reaches its full extension with your toes pointed, your arms should lock into a full T position. This is the final position for an Arabesque! Some cheerleaders will turn their heads toward the crowd and show an enthusiastic smile, and others will pull a #1 motion from their T position with the arm that is closest to the crowd. These little extras are fun, and should be discussed and finalized as a team prior to performances. Keep your hips, chin and chest up at all times. Letting any of these areas drop could cause you to lose your balance and fall forward. *This guide should serve as an introduction to the basic steps for an Arabesque stunt and should be used as a reference only. This guide should not be used to replace the instruction and supervision of a trained professional.

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