How To: Have the Best Time Ever at Prom

by omni

Thanks to Justin Timberlake, NSYNC, and the entirety of the internet, you’re fully aware that it’s May. Nope not April, [Source: eonline] So, now that it’s officially May, that can only mean one thing for you high-school upperclassmen. PROM SEASON! The excitement hits you like a ton of bricks. A night with all of your best friends, getting all dressed up and dancing the night away. What could be better? Chances are that your ASB has already been doing prom planning for months to make it the best it can be. You think of the venue, the decorations, and the best-kept secrets ASB has been hiding so well for months. Such grand surprises are in store. Your daydreaming comes to a screeching halt when you’re snapped back to reality after being called on in your AP Stats class. Population standard deviation? You were not prepared for that question. Not prepared at all. After your moment of shame, you realize: You are not prepared for prom. Who is going to ask you? Isaac from Biology has been giving me funny looks lately. I bet he’s in love. What will you wear? Definitely a masquerade mask. I need to find my Chad Michael Murray. How will you get there? I definitely can’t have my mom take me like she did for freshman homecoming. Where will you go to dinner? Oooo…Olive Garden Breadsticks. [Source: Reddit] WHO IS GOING TO ASK YOU? What if Isaac does ask me?! We know you’ve been busy with school, pep rallies, and social life. Don’t fret‚ we’ve got a couple notes on how to have the BEST time ever at prom. 1. Plan it Out The best way to alleviate stress is to plan everything to the best of your ability. Make sure to get your dress in plenty of time before prom, in order to make sure you have time to make any last minute tailoring or match your accessories. 2. Figure Out Your Transportation Whether you want to drive, go all out and take a limousine, or arrive in the Oscar Mayer Weiner van, (my prom night dream that none of my friends wanted to partake in) make sure you have it situated. It’s likely that you’ll want to arrive with your friends, so if you’re going to pool for a limo, divvy up the costs and make sure to collect money from everybody. [Source: Oscar Mayer] 3. Don’t Worry So Much About Your Date Yes, you want to have the best night you can, with the best people you know surrounding you. With that being said, don’t overthink your prom date. If you don’t have a boyfriend you’re going with, remember that whoever asks you is not a huge deal. Say yes to Isaac! This is not a lifetime commitment. 4. Don’t Get Stuck on Perfection Remember to let loose and take advantage of all of the fun stuff that has been set up for your event. Grab your teammates and head over to the photo booth, or start a giant dance circle. Use those cheer moves and don’t be afraid to act silly! There might be a few hiccups throughout the night, but this is bound to happen. Someone is going to be late, someone will step on your dress, and you might stumble a few times in your heels. Focus on all of the fun you’re having–just because the DJ refused to play Mason Ramsey’s Yodeling Remix and the last pig in a blanket was stolen by Chomping Charlie doesn’t mean you aren’t having the best time ever at prom. However you get there, whoever you’re with, wherever you are, we hope you have the most magical night!

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