How to Do Your Makeup for Winter Cheer Events

by omni

Even after the football team scores its last touchdown of the season, cheering is still in full swing. Beside competitions, many squads continue to get the crowds pumped from the sidelines for winter sports like basketball or ice hockey. Rocking the wild makeup of the competition mat or the Thanksgiving Day game is a glittery thrill, but makeup for cooler weather and indoor sports means changing up your style a little bit. Here are some tips for easy game day makeup this winter: Eyes Drama, drama, drama. For winter, be bold with your eye makeup. Blend dark colors on your lids with bright contrasts in the upper crease for seriously smoky eyes. Don’t shy away from winged eyeliner and dark mascara‚ daring outlines will draw focus to your eyes and make them seem wider and more awake. Shimmer and shine are always welcome, too. You don’t need to whip out the super glitter from the competition mat, but a little sparkle always helps the eyes pop. Cheeks Since you’re likely cheering indoors, under more direct light, and closer to the spectators, you don’t need to go for hues as vibrant as you might for a night game on the football field 30 feet from the stands. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone and blends easily with your foundation. Softer pinks, plums, and bronzes will bring a natural glow to your cheeks. Try going a shade darker or brighter than your usual makeup. With more natural foundation and blush, dramatic eyes and lips will stand out more. Lips Winter is a season for bold colors: deep purples, rich browns, and classic reds. Choose a dramatic color that highlights your lips to draw attention to your cheers. A matte lipstick with a little gloss gives just enough shimmer under the court or rink’s bright lights. Be sure to apply lip balm generously, too, so your lips aren’t dry and cracked. What are your favorite winter looks for game days? Keep the fierce going, even when the weather gets colder!

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