How to Do Your Makeup for Fall Cheer Events

by omni

Back to school and back to cheer‚ fall is a busy season! As we start winding down into sweater weather, makeup trends change as well. Here are some go-to looks for cheer events! Day Games: When you’re cheering on crisp autumn mornings or afternoons, the ideal makeup look is a barely-there glow. Go for light, neutral eyes and avoid smoky looks for daytime cheer. Using a shimmery or sparkly ivory, rose gold, antique gold, or bronze should be perfect. Highlight the inner corner to make eyes appear more open. Try brown eyeliner instead of black to define eyes without overpowering the look, and apply only one coat of mascara. Soft pinks and neutrals are best for blush, and opt for light bronzing over contour. For lipstick, choose muted pinks, browns, or nudes. Night Games: Take the daytime look a little bolder for night games. Fall is the perfect season for warm and golden tones, so turn your soft neutrals a little darker with true gold, copper, and bronze shades. If you want to smoke out your eyes, blend dark brown in the crease and outer corner. Use brown or black eyeliner and apply two coats of mascara for extra attention. You can keep your blush, bronzing, and lipstick the same as day games or take the colors a shade or two darker. If you prefer contouring to bronzing, the look is more appropriate for nighttime. Practice: With the sweating, lifting, and all-around hard work of cheer practice, there’s no need to pull out all the stops applying makeup. If you wear makeup to school and go straight to practice, invest in makeup removal wipes to carry in your bag. Lip balm will keep your lips from cracking in cooler weather, and drinking plenty of water ensures smooth skin. Homecoming: Whether it’s the game, the dance, or any other cheer festivities around homecoming, definitely go for drama. Your squad may decide to use your school’s colors for eyeshadow; anything dark and glittery‚ like greens, blues, or reds‚ can be messy to work with, so be sure to take your time and keep a makeup removal wipe close. Do your eye makeup first so that you can clean up any fallout before putting on your foundation. If you’re going for a bright or bold school color, put a matte neutral in your crease first and carefully pack the color onto your lid, being sure not to go too high up into the crease. Gently blend that neutral over the crease again so the shadow on the lid doesn’t look so stark. Choose black eyeliner and two coats of mascara. Whether you choose to contour and apply bold lipstick, go neutral with a soft bronzing, or a little of both is up to you. Be sure to try your homecoming looks at home first to make sure the colors coordinate and that you’ve achieved the look you want.

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