How To Do Basic Cheerleading Motions Part 5

by omni

This is a general overview of some basic cheer motions with the focus on the position of the arms. You may perform them, or see them performed, slightly different. These motions can be used while a cheerleader is on the ground or up in a stunt, and the position of his or her feet will vary from being shoulder width apart to being together, depending on when and the motion is being used. You may also know some of these moves by different names, since cheerleading teams might refer to a move by a unique, regional name. Review our other cheer motion articles to get tips to you help you perfect all your motions and strengthen your arms! Basic Cheerleading Motions: Part 1 Basic Cheerleading Motions: Part 2 Basic Cheerleading Motions: Part 3 Basic Cheerleading Motions: Part 4 Candlesticks Extend both of your arms straight out in front of you and hold them chest level while keeping them parallel to the ground. Your hands should be in fists, with the insides facing each other so that your thumbs are on top and your pinkies are on bottom. Your thumbs should wrap around your fingers, not rest on top of them. As always, keep your head up, facing forward and your shoulders back. Muscles From the T motion, rotate your arms so that the fingers of your fist face upwards. Then, bend both arms so that your forearms are vertical, facing up. The fingers of your fists should be facing in toward your head. Do not pull your arms in toward your chest. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. Buckets Buckets are essentially the same as Candlesticks, except that the fingers of your fists should face down toward the floor. Cross Buckets From the basic Buckets position, cross one arm over your other at the wrist. You don’t want to push the “cross’ up the arm at all. Keep it tight by making sure that your wrists continue to rest on top of each other.

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