How To Do Basic Cheerleading Motions Part 3

by omni

A cheerleader’s motions are the backbone of her ability. It’s great, and super fun, to be able to do amazing jumps, twist and flip your way through tumbling passes and fly high during stunt group tricks, but you have to have the technique too! Most moves in cheerleading are an extension of a basic move, so it is always good to learn through progression. Mastering basic cheer motions will help you hit more advanced stunts like a pro, which will be important during routines and at cheerleading competitions. This is a general overview of some basic cheer motions with the focus on the position of the arms. You may perform them, or see them performed, slightly different. These motions can be used while a cheerleader is on the ground or up in a stunt, and the position of his or her feet will vary from being shoulder width apart to being together, depending on when and the motion is being used. Clasp Bend your elbows and bring your arms in tight to your body. Your elbows should be pulled in and pointed down, and your hands should be just below your chin. Wrap your hands around each other so that your right knuckles are vertical, facing up toward your chin, and your left knuckles are horizontal, pointing out and away from your body. Your thumbs should be positioned with the left thumb on top of the right thumb, and they should both be on the side of your hands that are closest to your body. High Clasp Extend both arms straight up, and bring them in line with your body so that your arms touch your ears. Keep your hands wrapped around each other, in the clasp position. Your thumbs should be facing behind you. Middle Clasp From the clasp position, extend your arms straight out, away from your body. Keep your shoulders back and your head up. Your thumbs will be facing up toward the ceiling, and your fingers will be facing out in front of you. Low Clasp From the clasp position, extend your arms straight down (similar to a low touchdown) and bring them in tight with your body. Arms should be in line with, but pulled slightly in front of the legs. Your thumbs will be facing out in front of you, and your fingers will be facing in toward your body. Review our other cheer motion articles to get tips to you help you perfect all your motions and strengthen your arms! Basic Cheerleading Motions: Part 1 Basic Cheerleading Motions: Part 2

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