How to Create Our Favorite Cheer Competition Hairstyle

by omni

It’s almost time for cheer competitions to start! The way you do your hair and makeup for competitions is almost as important as your uniforms. You’ve worked hard to be physically and mentally prepared, and you want your overall presentation to wow the judges and crowd. One popular way to do your hair for a competition is to do a cheer poof. We were lucky enough to have Tina from cheerleading apparel company Chasse‚ who used to be a cheerleader herself‚ stop by to show us how it’s done! Watch the video to learn how to do a cheer poof: Supplies: Comb Ponytail holder Bobby pins Hair spray Hair bow You can use a teasing comb for the teasing if you’d like, but a regular one works, too. If you are doing this in between washes or you want extra volume, use dry shampoo before starting. We tried the Cool & Crisp Fresh scent from Batiste, and it worked really well. It soaks up oil, increases volume, and blends well even in dark hair. Just make sure you are careful if you are already in your uniform‚ the shampoo disappears quickly in your hair, but the white color might show on your clothing. Do it before putting your uniform on or put a towel around your shoulders just to be safe. The hair bow Tina used in the video is the Glitter Performance Hair Bow from Chasse, and it’s only $4.95 at Omni Cheer. She brought along a pink one for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the same bow comes in eight other colors, so you could get one to go with your team’s competition uniforms. The cheer poof is one competition hairstyle that will have you looking prepared and feeling confident. Check out our other cheer hair ideas on Pinterest! How do you do your hair for competitions?

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