How to Become Captain of Your Cheerleading Team

by omni

The position of a cheerleading captain is a prestigious position on a cheer team, but one that carries a lot of responsibility. Not only does the position take a lot of work and passion, it’s also the most competitive position to obtain. The best of the best on any team is vying for a spot to be filled by only one. Even with all of the pressure and hard work, it is the most fun and rewarding position knowing that you’re pushing your team to be the best they can be! Do you have what it takes to be a cheer captain? A cheerleading captain needs to have leadership qualities. They must have experience in every aspect of cheerleading, from dance to tumbling to stunting. Their responsibilities include helping to choreograph cheerleading routines, organizing and delegating responsibilities for events like games and fundraising and leading the team warm up for practices. On a personal level, a captain is a teacher and role model for the rest of the team. They must be responsible and patient, a skilled motivator and problem solver and an impartial mediator. A captain needs to understand that they are not a coach or a councilor and they must know when to ask for help. You can take the heat, but how do you get the position? The first step to becoming a cheerleading captain is being able to perform all of the choreography, stunts, tumbles and jumps with perfect precision. The rest of the team will be looking to you to a) set the example and b) actually be able to teach the moves needed in that specific choreography. The next step is to gain reciprocal respect with everyone on the team. This may sound like a no brainer, but this is the most important point and takes a lot of work. Your team mates will be voting you in, and once you get the position of captain, they need to respect your authority even though you are a peer. Developing that respect from them will make your job easy. The next step is to be confident, loud and full of energy. By doing this, you’ll set the bar for enthusiasm and show the team and the coach that you’re not afraid lead. Plus, don’t just cheer on your team, cheer on your team mates! It will show your team that you’re a positive person and that you care about the efforts they’re putting into the squad. Finally, stay focused! Stay focused during practices to set a good example, stay focused during games to show the team and the coach that you don’t get distracted, and stay focused on school. Getting bad grades may get you booted from the team and missing time with the team will only hurt your chance to be captain. It’s important to have perfect attendance to build your relationship with team mates and show the coach you’re serious about making captain. Work hard, stay positive and follow the guidelines above. You’ll make captain in no time!

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