How to Approach Your Coach (in 5 GIFs)

by omni

Over the course of being a cheerleader, there are key times when you have to approach your coach. Whether that be because a stunt isn’t working, or you’re having trouble meeting team expectations, or a million other reasons, it’s hard to put your feelings on the table. Your coach has always been someone there for you, so it isn’t like you will be punished for your thoughts, like when you get sent to the principal’s office in school. They probably will be open to your opinion. However, your coach still has feelings and a team agenda in mind, so if you’re bringing up an issue‚ like not being able to be at a game or competition due to other responsibilities‚ they might not be too keen to hear about it. Because you care about solving an issue, there are five main ways you could approach your coach, but only ONE way that doesn’t escalate the problem further. Can you decipher which one it is? Scenario #1: The Happy Approach [Source: Giphy] Even if you aren’t happy and you’re approaching your coach about a dire problem, you come in smiling. You simply are unwavering in the positive department! Your coach sees an obvious contrast between what they’re hearing and your facial expression, which means that they will take the situation less critically… right? Maybe if you smile like you’ve lost your mind, your coach might be concerned for your mental health and overlook the issue altogether. The art of distraction, for the win! Scenario #2: The Super-Confused Approach [Source: Giphy] You walk up to your coach with a dazed look, an uncertain disposition, and an agenda full of question marks. You have no idea what’s going on. A teammate has a problem with you? This is the first that you’ve heard about it. You double-booked sideline and competitive cheer events? That just couldn’t be‚ they’re seriously on the same day?? Scenario #3: The Angel Approach [Source: Giphy] Your stunt isn’t hitting because it’s doomed. The situation is completely out of your control. The whole world must be against you, because you’re doing everything right. This approach also branches out into your personal life since your teachers have it out for you, your friends are the worst, and your parents just don’t get it. The only reason you’re approaching your coach right now is because it might even be their fault. What did they DO?! Scenario #4: The Angry Approach [Source: Giphy] You’re doing everything you can, and there’s still an issue. Now, you’re mad. You aggressively pull your coach aside, and reprimand them loudly for their blatent lack of leadership and problem-solving skills. Grrr, ANGER! Scenario #5: The Right Approach [Source: Giphy] If you haven’t guessed it already, this is the CORRECT way to approach your coach: calm, mature, and above all, open-minded. Your coach is your mentor, meaning that they deserve your respect. They not only know more about cheerleading than you do, but also know a whole lot more about life than you, since they’re older! Asking for their advice is like getting a free (and personalized) roadmap to follow when times get tough. So, approach your coach professionally, and get to the bottom of any issue like the courageous and kind cheerleader that you are! Have you approached your coach badly in the past? Tell us what NOT to do in the comments below!

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