How Cheerleaders Celebrate the 4th of July (in GIFs)

by omni

The main celebration of the summer is upon is, and it’s time to bust out the barbecue and the fireworks‚ it’s the 4th of July! With fireworks exploding up above, delicious food on the grill, and friends enjoying each other’s company everywhere, what’s not to love about this holiday?? Red, white, and blue is the theme; it doesn’t get more American than this. As people across the country take the day to appreciate their freedom and the great nation we live in, cheerleaders do it a little differently. From the moment cheerleaders wake up to the last firework in the sky, the Independence Day activities differ from the norm. Here’s a breakdown of how cheerleaders celebrate the 4th of July: You wake up and immediately assemble your uniform. [Source: Giphy] The uniform is the ultimate sign of a cheerleader, and that means you’ve got to be as red, white, and blue as possible! The pressure is on to step it up, since you’re cheering on your country today! Good thing you’ve stocked up on adhesive glitter stars throughout the last cheer season to put all over your body like you’re a flag‚ Like this… [Source: Giphy] The sky isn’t the only thing that’s going to be sparkling today‚ [Source: Giphy] Holidays are the perfect times to bust out your extended glitter collection! You’re thinking red glitter lips, with blue eyelids, and white for cheeks, arms, legs, and maybe even streaks in your hair. Has anyone ever rocked glitter eyebrows? Is that a thing?? And, glitter isn’t just an accessory today, it’s a strategy: in case you get lost in the excitement, your friends can just follow the glitter trail that you’ll inevitably be leaving behind you as you go. You can’t wait to show your Liberty! [Source: Giphy] The barbecue get-together is starting to get poppin’ outside, and your cheer besties have arrived! Time to do some [safe] cul-de-sac stunting for America!! You might not have the full team present, but you have enough teammates and energy to get creative. So, gather round, everyone, we cheerleaders have prepared a little something for the holiday festivities‚ called a Liberty. Watching the fireworks display gets you inspired. [Source: Giphy] The way the fireworks are bursting above you makes you think of ideas for your next cheer season. Don’t those kind of look like shiny poms‚ poms that you can throw in the middle of your routine in fun new ways? Like how that firework exploded, kind of out to the side‚ the team has never thrown poms in that direction before! You make a mental note to reach out to your coach after the holiday concerning how dazzling your team could be come Homecoming. **************************************************************************************** No matter what you end up doing this 4th of July, have the most amazing time doing it! From Omni Cheer to you, have a very Happy Independence Day! [Source: Giphy] In what other ways do cheerleaders celebrate the 4th of July differently? What are some memorable Independence Day moments that you’ve had as a cheerleader? Share your story in the comments!

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