Holiday Gift Guide For Cheerleaders

by omni

It’s beginning to look a lot like the cheer-iest season of the year! Holiday gifts are shared for many reason. Stocking stuffers. Moral boosters. Thank you’s. Bonding. Whether you are a parent buying for the cheerleader in your life, or a cheerleader buying for your coach, captain, teammates or year-round supporters, here is a guide to some of the best cheer gifts that won’t break your budget. Hair Bows Big, flashy hair bows and ribbons are one of the key fashions that help identify a cheerleader. Help the cheerleader in your life bring out her funky pep with a hair bow that she can wear during fundraising efforts, practices and cheer camp. Make sure your most enthusiastic supporters feel like they are a part of the team by getting them a hair bow in your school colors, or one that matches the bow your squad wears. Check out the cheer hair bows available at Omni Cheer and Campus TeamWear. Shoes Every cheerleader is going to have their performance shoes, but we know their active lives require more than just one pair. A pair of extra practice or performance shoes is sure to put a smile on any cheerleader’s face! Check out the cheer shoes available at Omni Cheer and Campus TeamWear. Cheer Travel and Fashion Bags Cheerleaders are always on the go – to and from practice, games, competition, cheerleading camp; you name it. Cheer travel bags look great and keep uniforms, practice wear and pom poms organized. Cheerleaders and cheer lifestylers will both appreciate a cheer fashion bag. From purses to totes, these bags can help show love and respect for cheerleading. Check out the cheer bags available at Omni Cheer and Campus TeamWear. Glitter Makeup Glitter make up, adhesive stars and rhinestones and make up brushes are great stocking stuffers for cheerleaders. Pick up everything they need in their school colors and watch their faces “light up’ this season! Check out Glitterbug Cosmetics available exclusively at Omni Cheer and Campus TeamWear. Socks Cheerleaders love everything about cheer, and love to let people know about it. Cheer socks tell everyone how serious your cheerleader is about cheer, all the way down to the tips of her toes! Check out the cheer socks available at Omni Cheer and Campus TeamWear. Cheer Statement Shirts Good for practice, fundraisers and just everyday activities, cheer statement shirts are a guaranteed hit with cheerleaders and cheer enthusiasts! Check out the cheer shirts available at Omni Cheer and Campus TeamWear. Megaphones Megaphones are great for cheerleaders and their supporters. Whoever you are buying for, consider ordering a megaphone and then personalizing it by covering it in stickers, photos and personalized messages. Think of it as a one-of-a-kind trophy! Photo Gifts Make an extra special, personalized photo gift on Snapfish. You can use photos from the season to make a scrapbook, water bottle, magnets, cups, calendars, ornaments and even blankets! Make sure everything gets where it needs to be in time! Double check these USPS Holiday Shipping and Mailing Dates.

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