Head to Practice in the Right Gear

by omni

Games and pep rallies are important and competitions are crucial, but cheerleaders spend most of their time at practice. Practice is the foundation of a good routine and performance. This means that it’s important to wear the right practice wear. Think you can wear any old shirt and shorts? Think again! The fabrics and style of practice wear can actually affect your practice. The right practice wear should fit well, be comfortable and, ultimately, be specifically geared for athletes. Tees and Tanks When it comes to tops, there are two basics styles – tees and tanks. If you prefer a t-shirt, it’s best to go for cotton, which is light and breathable. Make sure it’s not too oversized. You don’t want your clothing to get in the way of your tumbling or cheers. Add some spirit to your tees and go for a cheer tee! There are countless of styles with cheerleaders’ favorite sayings. For tanks, you can either stick with cotton or go with Lycra, which conforms to the body and provides a smooth look. Lycra tanks are great for athletes because they’re easy to move in and comfortable. For additional comfort, try Chasse’s Lycra tops, which are made with C-dri technology, which keeps you dry and less sweaty. Shorts Like a top, shorts should be comfortable and flexible. Either cotton or Lycra are your best bets, depending if you want a slightly looser fit (cotton) or a smooth, close fit (Lycra). Like its tanks, Chasse offers Lycra shorts with C-dri technology to keep you dry and comfy. Sports bras No ordinary bra will do! For any type of fitness, whether you’re at practice or running at the gym, a sports bra is a necessity. It provides the support that an ordinary bra can’t. Sports bras are also designed to soak up sweat more efficiently than a non-sports bra. What do you wear to practice? Do you have any favorite items?

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