Hair and Makeup Tips for Cheerleaders

by omni

As a cheerleader, you have to be good AND look good. The cheer look is different than your average beauty routine” “for a good reason. Achieving the best hair and makeup look for your squad is important with school starting soon and the competition season not far behind. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Don’t overdo your makeup and end up looking like a clown, but remember that you will be performing a ways away from the audience and judges, so apply accordingly. You might want to get stage makeup, which is designed with this scenario in mind. Do a practice run a few days before the event. This way you’ll know that you are happy with the products, and you’ll have time to experiment and find the look you have in mind. This will cut down on prep time competition day. Keep in mind that you want to be looking your best at performance time. If you do your makeup first thing in the morning, it could wear off by the time your team takes the floor. Figure out when the optimal time to do your makeup is, and don’t forget to reapply your lipstick. One way to get a look everyone will notice without going overboard is to use glitter makeup. The makeup comes in plenty of colors, so you can find one that matches your team uniforms. Glittered makeup stars will help your team look spirited, united, and fabulous. You can get them in various sizes and colors, or get extra creative and buy blank ones to customize yourselves! Glitterbug Cosmetics has lots of makeup inspiration ideas, as well as free tutorials to help you get the look. Of course, your look isn’t complete without the hair. You’ll want a style that is both glamorous and practical. Ponytails, braids, and buns are excellent for cheering. You can never go wrong with a classic high ponytail. Create variations on the traditional “do by curling it, spraying your hair with glitter hair spray, and adding ribbons. Try twisting or braiding some strands at the front and pulling them back into the ponytail. A bun will keep your hair out of your face while you’re cheering, and it’s a nice, clean look that’s sure to impress. Incorporate braids, ribbons, and glitter to add flair. Wrapping some hair, or even a braid, around a bun is a fun way to get creative with your cheer hair. Braids are really popular right now” “and it’s easy to see why. They keep your hair secured so you can focus on your performance, and they look really cool! You can do small braids back into a ponytail or bun as mentioned above, or you can do one French braid from the top or bottom of your head into a bun or ponytail. Use a braid as a crown or braid your entire ponytail, and even a simple French braid or pigtail braids are a solid cheer style that you can build on with glitter and ribbons. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas. Chasse Cheer has a good one too! Once you’ve got the foundation of a good hairstyle done, it’s all about the bow. The bow is like the finale of cheer hair. Hair bows come in a variety of sizes, prints, designs, and colors, so gather your team and pick your favorites. Be careful to check competition requirements for makeup and bows beforehand! What are your favorite hair and makeup looks?

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