Gear Up for Your Next Cheer Season with Sublimated Uniforms

by omni

Sublimation is a game-changing uniform option! Unlike our in-stock uniforms, sublimated uniform designs are completely customizable. If you are looking for something a little different than your basic shell top and skirt, sublimation is the way to go! All sublimated uniforms are created through a heat transfer process, allowing dye to absorb into the fabric and ensuring long-lasting color with minimal fading after washing. We, at Omni Cheer, offer our own Chasse performance and double knit sublimation uniforms, yet for the first time ever, we are very excited to expand our sublimation collection to also offer GK Elite and Under Armour sublimated uniforms! Check out our online catalog for great introductory offers, as well as package options. Our Chasse house brand sublimated uniforms come in two fabric options. One option is performance material: flexible and breathable uniforms perfect for stunting in, made with quick drying C-Dri fabric. No one wants to feel all sweaty and sticky when they are cheering! Our performance sublimation comes in long top, crop top, skirt and short options. We also offer sports bras and men’s uniform tops that can be completely customized to fit your team colors and style! With eight new design options and a free sublimation logo, you are bound to find the perfect look for your team! Chasse sublimation also comes in double knit fabric. This double knit material is a little bit thicker, but is still just as durable and flexible as its performance counterpart. We offer a shell top, skirt, and bodyliner in double knit sublimation, and we are offering four brand-new design options for 2017! Double knit uniforms also come with a free sublimation logo, which can be found in our online sublimation designer. Be sure to check our online catalog for special offers and package options. You will love your Chasse game-changing sublimation uniforms! Sublimation is a great option for any cheer team to look great at competitions or on the sidelines. Chasse sublimation is designed to be flexible, yet durable so your uniform will last. Omni Cheer is also very excited to partner with GK Elite! They are the industry leader in gymnastic apparel, known for their exquisite rhinestone work. You may have seen their uniforms on the 2016 Summer Olympics U.S.A. gymnastics team. GK has released three different cheerleading sublimation style options, all including actual rhinestones! GK sublimated uniforms include a shell top, skirt, and bodyliner and, with 36 different color options, we will be able to match any team’s colors. GK Elite sublimation uniforms consist of four-way stretch fabric, so they are very flexible‚ perfect for high-performance and stunting teams! Don’t forget to check the online catalog for specials and introductory offers. Omni Cheer is further excited to include Under Armour sublimated uniforms to our product line! Under Armour offers three different design and style options for shell tops, skirts, and bodyliners. Like GK, Under Armour sublimated apparel also comes in 36 different color ways. Under Armour sublimation is also made of performance material that has a lot of give and stretch, perfect for teams that do a lot of stunting. Under Armour is a brand known for their passion, design, and innovation, and Under Armour sublimation is no different! You will not be disappointed. Choosing between styles for your next cheer season can seem difficult, but try playing around on our online sublimation designer tool by designing a few options to see what you like! Once you have made a decision, give our sales agents a call, and provide them with you design number. Our sales agents will be able to offer you a quote for your order. Due to these uniforms being completely customizable, I suggest you order a sublimation fit kit before placing an order, too! Sublimation uniforms are not returnable, but with our fit kits, you can find the perfect fit before you commit. All sublimation orders require a nine set minimum, and require two approvals before the order can be processed. You will receive a copy of your order to verify that all order information is correct, followed by an artwork approval to verify that your one-of-a-kind design is perfect. Once processed, all sublimation orders take six to eight weeks to produce, and your perfect, one-of-a-kind product will be delivered to your door! No two cheer teams are the same, so why not celebrate your team individuality with a unique uniform? No matter what you decide‚ Chasse performance or double knit, or our new GK Elite or Under Armour sublimation‚ you will not get this quality and flexibility with any other uniform out there! Our sublimation uniforms are game-changing, and will have everyone looking at your team! Get ready to tell people where you got your uniform when they start asking‚ at Omni Cheer! Have you opted for sublimated uniforms for next season? Let us know what you chose for your team in the comments.

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