Fundraisers That Work Well Year-Round

by omni

Not all fundraisers are created equal. Some work best at certain times of the year (like selling football merchandise during the fall) and others just don’t work at all in some months (you wouldn’t hold an outdoor BBQ in the dead of winter in Massachusetts). On the other hand, there are fundraisers that can easily be used year-round, no matter what the weather or season. Holding a raffle. At anytime of the year, people love winning free things. Raffles are great fundraisers that can be added on at any event, whether it’s a holiday party or summer BBQ. Check with local businesses to see if they would be willing to donate items for a raffle. Raffles work best when you have at least one big prize to offer, like a television or an iPad. Coupon books. Coupons, especially for places like the grocery store and movie theater, work well all year. Like a raffle, you’ll need to work with local businesses in order to create a coupon book. There are also many online services that offer coupon books for your city, depending on where you live. Using an online donation platform. There are countless crowdfunding websites, like FundRazr and JustGive, that let groups raise money by creating a profile and asking for donations. Remember, you need to have a good story and a reason for needing the money to get people interested in contributing. However, if you clearly explain why your team needs to raise money, you can easily raise money from individuals around the world. Fund2Raise cards. Fund2Raise cards are just about the easiest way to raise money. In the simplest of terms, Fun”D” 2 Raise cards are scratch-off donation cards. Each card has 150 scratch-off stars and each one reveals an amount (between $0.75 and $3.00). Whoever scratches off one of the scratch-off stars agrees to pay whatever amount is revealed. With the Fun”D” 2 Raise cards, once you’ve collected your donation, you’re done! You don’t need to worry about delivering any products, sending in order forms, or repaying a portion of your collections to the fundraising company.What are some other fundraisers that work year-round?

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