Fun”d”2Raise Cards Put the ‘Fun’ in Fundraising

by omni

Fundraising is of vital importance to cheerleading squads, whether they’re raising money to pay for new uniforms or trying to fund a trip to cheer camp. If you’re a cheerleading veteran, you know how boring and redundant fundraising can be. Avoid the fundraising slump by making it fun with Fun”d”2Raise Cards. Find out why these cards are different from everything else you’ve tried before. What exactly are Fun”d”2Raise cards? In the simplest of terms, Fun”d”2Raise cards are scratch-off donation cards. Each card has 150 scratch-off stars and each one reveals an amount (between $0.75 and $3.00). Whoever scratches off one of the scratch-off stars agrees to pay whatever amount is revealed. How is this different from other fundraising methods? Using Fun”d”2Raise cards makes fundraising simple and fun! So many fundraising methods involve purchasing items and most people would rather donate than have to buy more wrapping paper they’ll forget about in the closet or cookie dough that will just sit in the freezer. Each star amount amounts to $3 or less, which is a small enough amount for anyone to donate! How is Fun”d”2Raise cards simpler than other fundraising methods? With the Fun”d”2Raise cards, once you’ve collected your donation, you’re done! You don’t need to worry about delivering any products, sending in order forms, or repaying a portion of your collections to the fundraising company. On top of that, since the donation amount is $3 or less, forget having to cash in checks or process credit card transactions; collect all your donations in cash! Once you purchase and receive your Fun”d”2Raise cards, you’re good to go. How has fundraising changed over the years? In the past few years, door-to-door fundraising has decreased. With the news of door-to-door sales scams and an increase in “No Solicitors” signs, the selling of items door-to-door is a thing of the past. Also, partly due to the economy, fewer people are willing to commit to buying pricey items or products they don’t necessarily need. Now, it makes more sense to donate a few dollars as opposed to buying something for a higher price. What groups or programs can benefit from Fun”d”2Raise? Fun”d”2Raise is great for cheer squads and programs of all sizes! Each cheerleader can be responsible for a certain number of cards. You can even make a game out of it‚ coaches or cheer parents can give a reward to the cheerleader who gets the most scratch-offs! If you’re a squad at a high school, talk to school officials about promoting your fundraising at sports games and events. Why should a cheer squad or individual choose Fun”d”2Raise? Fun”d”2Raise cards offer one of the highest percentage return rates of any fundraising campaign. For each card, the total scratch-off amount is $250. Since each card only costs $5, you’re looking at a 98% return on investment! Forget about forcing your friends and relatives into buying yet another magazine subscription. Fun”d”2Raise cards allow you to raise more money for less and offer a cost-effective, quick and easy way to raise money for your team. Fun”d”2Raise Cards are available at Omni Cheer and Campus Teamwear. Have you ever tried Fun”D” 2 Raise cards? What did you think about this method of fundraising?

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