Fun Summer Activities That Double As Workouts

by omni

Cheerleaders have pretty busy summers. There is no off-season in cheerleading, after all. Still, you have some extra time in between cheer camp, clinics, and summer practices. You can use this extra time to have fun and enjoy yourself while improving your fitness level‚ which ultimately will make you a better cheerleader! Here are some fun summer activities that double as workouts: Hiking Hiking might be the only workout that doesn’t hurt at the time, but actually makes you sore the next day. Going over different types of terrain makes your muscles work hard without you noticing‚ until you get out of bed the next morning and feel muscles you didn’t know you had. Being out in nature will do wonders for your spirit, too! Volleyball Depending on where you live, go to a beach or park and set up a low-key game of volleyball. It’s low-key because you don’t have to have volleyball experience to do it, not because it will be physically easy. You’ll get a great workout in while having a blast with friends. Frisbee If you haven’t tried it in a while, don’t just write this one off. Pick one up and you’ll remember how fun throwing a Frisbee is. Make your dad’s day by asking him to play with you, or round up a group of friends for a backyard get together. You’ll be running around trying to catch the Frisbee, but you’ll also get some mental benefits from this one. It takes skill to get the throwing technique down. Football You already know the game, so get out there and play it! Well, don’t tackle your friends. Your coach probably wouldn’t be too happy if you spent your “off-season ” that way. But a friendly game of two-hand touch or flag football is a blast. You get bonus points if you can do it on the beach, but you can also move some lawn chairs in your backyard to mark end zones and invite some friends over! Bike riding You can make this a destination bike ride by riding somewhere fun with friends, like a coffee shop or park. Or, find some cool trails and pack a picnic lunch. You can even ride around your own neighborhood to soak up some sun and feel the wind in your hair. Skating Dig out those rollerblades for a fun workout that’s a major leg strengthener. Or, head to your local roller rink with friends. Maybe you haven’t been there since your sixth birthday party, but it’s fun as a big kid, too! Swimming Swimming laps is great cardio, but just splashing around having fun with friends is a great way to get outside and be active. If you want to take it a step further, check out this pool workout. Using the pool for exercise is great because it’s low-impact, which means you get a good workout without putting too much strain on your body. Jump rope This is fun by itself or, if you want to really get a good workout in, as one station in a workout circuit. Use what you have in the garage and make up your own workout. Maybe you do jump rope for one minute, pogo stick or hula hoop for one minute, jumping jacks for one minute, and then run around the yard twice. Water sports From skiing to surfing and inner tubing, summer is a great time to play in the water. See what activities are available on your family vacation, or, if you live near water, get out and try something fun and new! Giving your body a break from normal workout activities is important now and then, so get in shape this summer by getting out and playing in the great outdoors! What’s your favorite summer activity?

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