From the Small to the Big Screen: Cheer in Today’s Media

by omni

In just the past couple of years, cheerleading shows and movies have been popping up everywhere. While Bring It On will always have a special place in every cheerleader’s heart, cheer shows and movies keep getting better (and more accurate!). Let’s take a look at cheerleading’s presence in today’s media: Nfinity Champions League Cheerleading Event On April 10, 2014, cheerleading is coming to the big screen. Sponsored by the cheer shoe brand, Nfinity, the two-and-a-half-hour viewing features routines from 30 cheerleading squads as they compete to be named the Grand Champion. The event will only be shown in limited theaters for one night only. Visit Fathom Events to see if a theater near you will be showing the event! Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader Everyone loves Cheer Channel’s web series, Secret Diary. Stay tuned for the third season, which will be premiering in the next few months! Every season presents an exciting and dramatic new plot and we can’t wait to see what this season’s will be. Over the course of both seasons, several famous cheerleaders have guest starred, including Maddie Gardner, Gabi Butler, Maison Baker, and Cami Branson. Cheerleaders Cheerleaders debuted on Youtube channel AwesomenessTV in 2013. The web documentary series follows the California All Stars cheer squad as they train hard to win hard, all under the direction of a particularly intense and intimidating coach. The team is known for winning with champion athletes like Kiara Nowlin on the team, and the show follows their hard work (and struggle) to maintain their number one status. Cheer Mashup Another show from Cheer Channel, Cheer Mashup takes a look at the latest news in the cheerleading industry, all hosted by fan favorite cheerleader, Maddie Gardner. The first season debuted in spring of 2013 and Maddie fans always look forward to the next episode. CheerLiving We of course had to include our own YouTube show! Produced by Cheer Channel and sponsored by Chasse, we look at the hottest cheer topics, from fashion to fitness to fundraising. In just a few minutes, you can learn something new about cheer and live the cheerleading lifestyle. Do you have a favorite cheer show?

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