Online Course Helps Coaches Teach Stunts

by omni

Stunting can be the most intimidating part of cheer to coach, but it’s just about every cheerleader’s favorite thing to do. Cheerleading Blog contributor and coach Kate Boyd is here to help with the release of her online course, Cheerleading Stunt School for Coaches. The course is a great resource for coaches who want to develop or improve their stunt coaching. Boyd says the course is “for coaches who desire to be better and push their teams on to bigger and better things.” In doing so, Kate says these coaches are “being real heroes of generations of young men and women through cheerleading.” The course gives you access to lots of videos and printable resources. In the videos, cheerleaders from the University of Texas-Dallas demonstrate the stunts, while Kate walks you through them, step-by-step. The course includes these instructional videos on basic, advanced and elite stunts, as well as transitions and inversions. In addition to the how-to guides for stunts, there is a video series on how to coach stunts, from terms and safety to effectively teaching the moves. Each video category contains a handful of instructional videos and printable guides. In Basic Stunts, for example, there are instructional videos on the thigh stand, gut stand, climb to shoulder sit, assisted shoulder sit, step lock drill, t-hang drill, and hang drill. The printable resources for that category are “Basic Stunt 8-Count Sheets,” “Basic Stunts: Common Mistakes Cheat Sheet” and “Progression Stunt Grip Photos.” The videos include a list of the things you will learn from watching them. After watching the “Teaching Stunts” video, for example, viewers will know how to get everyone on the same page and count, how to make a new stunt easy to digest, and how to be as effective as possible when teaching something new. For more information on Cheerleading Stunt School for Coaches and to access the free course, go to UPDATE: This course now costs $149. Kate explained the cost on the website: When you’re ready to change something about yourself, you typically need a little motivation-some skin in the game-to really make it happen. That’s one of the main reasons I charge for Stunt School. The other main reason is that it really is jam-packed with practical information about stunting. I’ve taken all the guesswork out for you, and it’s focused on the one area that you want most. You get the information you need to know about stunts and how to practically put it into use. $149 is an amazing value for the focused and action oriented information packed into stunt school. Plus, with lifetime access, you get all of the new stunts and info that may pop up as cheerleading stunts evolve. There are other free resources for cheerleading coaches at

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