Four Types of Rivalries (And How to Squash Them)

by omni

Cheerleading may be about spirit and inspiring others, but it doesn’t mean relationships and situations are always positive. Many times, especially during stressful seasons, rivalries can rear their heads, either within a cheer squad or with another team or school. Being competitive isn’t a bad thing; but negative actions or words are. Understand the different types of rivalries and how to keep them under control. We’ve all heard the term before: sibling rivalry. It happens on cheer squads just like in classrooms or at home. It’s hard to not compare siblings but in order to help solve the rivalry rather than instigate it, don’t fall into the common mistakes teammates or coaches can make when working with siblings. Athletes are typically naturally competitive and this includes cheerleaders. While many cheer squads are united and friends with each other, that doesn’t mean teammates don’t get competitive with one another. A teammate rivalry can push everyone to try their hardest, but don’t let it get out of control or bring down the entire team. Many people may not realize that sports teams at the same school may fall into a rivalry. A lot of times this is because the football team or other sport doesn’t think cheerleaders are athletes. Or another team thinks they work harder than your team. Whatever the reason, understand the root of the rivalry and squash it the right way. Rivalries with another school or organization are common. While they can inspire your squad to be more spirited at games or competitions, don’t fall into the pitfalls of negativity and insults. What is your advice for handling a rivalry? Has your team ever experienced a rivalry

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