Figuring Out Fill-In Orders

by omni

Coaches, tryouts are over and you have your final roaster in place! Now, it is the time to take a look at your budget, and see about ordering uniforms. For most of us, money can get tight and maybe your budget isn’t as big as last year. That is why fill-in orders are a great option for teams on a tight budget. If you’re a new coach not used to the term, fill-in orders give you the ability to only order uniforms for new cheerleaders, and your returning cheerleaders can re-use their uniforms from last year. They also allow you the ability to replace items that may have gone missing from last season. Poms are just like socks in the laundry: one always seems to go missing, and with fill-in orders, you can tag on those one or two accessories that went missing along with those one or two uniforms you need. If you are a new coach taking over a squad, figuring out a fill-in order can prove challenging. Hopefully, the previous coach provided you with all the team uniform information, but that is not always the case. If you do not have any of the order details pertaining to the original order, take a look at our Omni Cheer website or our catalog, and take look at some of the styles we offer. It allows you to see pictures of the uniforms, so you know the style number and/or the name of the uniform. You can place your order online with our easy checkout process. However, if you are placing an order for customization, it is best to order over the phone from a Sales Agent. Our sales agents will ensure your products match any previous orders. When calling into our Sales Department, it is really helpful to know the previous coach’s name. This will help our sales agents locate any previous order placed by the original coach. Our sales agents will be able to provide an order for you that will match the previous order placed. And, if you need more gear, you can also purchase any new items, like shoes or additional poms for your squad. If you are a returning coach or a new coach who has access to the previous coach’s original order information, you are welcome to place an order over the phone with our sales agents or online. Be sure to always tell our sales agents that this will be a fill-in order; this way, they can ensure all your customization and uniform styles are correct. If you choose to place your order online, that is great! We do have a very user-friendly website that allows you to build and view your customization online. If you are purchasing a fill-in with customization online, be sure to always include the original order number in the notes. Our Order Processing Department will review any customization order placed online, and they will verify if the customization matches your original order. If any issues do arise, our Order Processing team will contact you to ensure quality assurance. Fill-in orders are great ideas for teams on a budget, or for teams who just love their uniforms from last year! Who says you need new uniforms every year? Plus, when you order with Omni Cheer, your uniform is built to last. Here at Omni Cheer, we offer stylish athletic apparel at unbeatable quality and prices. Our sales agents are standing by to assist you, or you can place an order online at any time. Was this article helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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