Everything You Need to Know to Have a Positive Cheer Year

by omni

Cheerleading is about fun routines, cool stunts, amazing performances, and raising spirit, but making memories with your teammates and having an overall great cheer experience is what will really stick with you forever. That’s why setting yourself up for a positive year is essential! Negativity can sneak into your season a number of ways, so here are our tips for ensuring this year is a positive one: Attitudes spread. If there’s a negative one on your squad, you need to stop it before it affects your squad’s experience and performance. Dealing with a negative teammate is a sensitive issue. The last thing you want to do is call her out in front of everybody or be harsh and condescending if you talk with her in private. Approach the situation as gracefully and respectfully as you can so you can resolve the issue without hurting anyone’s feelings. Even the most mentally tough cheerleader battles negative thinking sometimes. The athlete in you is prepared to meet any competitor, but when the competitor is coming from inside your own head, it gets tricky. But any cheerleader also knows that tricky doesn’t mean it can’t be done! You probably can’t get rid of negative thoughts all together, but you can fight them just like you do any other obstacle. Fight those negative thoughts with these five battle strategies. You want to have a positive year, but you are bound to face negative situations. That’s just life. The good news is you don’t have to let an outside situation get to you. By staying positive during tough times, you can lead your squad through struggles and ensure a positive year for everyone. Here are three ways to do it. (Source: tumblr.com) Even when you love cheer as much as you do and are as dedicated to the squad as you are, you can get exhausted and burned out. Even if you don’t realize it, at some point in the season you need some refreshing due to school exams, traveling to competitions, long stretches of practices without performances, the difficulty of working on a new stunt, colds going around, etc. Even spirit raisers need their spirits raised sometimes” “and luckily, they’re pros at it! Here are four ways you can keep your team spirit up when exhaustion hits. (Source: gifrific.com) What steps are you taking to ensure a positive season?

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