Everything You Need to Know About Trying Out for Cheer

by omni

Cheerleading tryouts are usually held in the spring, so we have been talking a lot about them lately on the blog. Performing in front of people who decide whether you make the team can be intimidating, but as long as you come prepared, you have nothing to worry about. Here’s everything you need to know to do your best at tryouts: Preparing for tryouts weeks in advance is key to being at your best by the time tryouts roll around. Even knowing you are prepared doesn’t mean you won’t still have some nerves leading up to the big day though. We asked some of your favorite cheerleaders from Cheer Channel’s Superstars of All-Stars to share their tryout tips to ensure you have a great experience. See their advice and keep working hard to make the team! You are ready to work hard and make the cheer team, and you’re even getting an early start and giving yourself an edge by preparing early, but what do you work on? Hard work isn’t as effective when you don’t know where to focus it. Here is how to best direct your time and energy. Cheerleading tryouts are your opportunity to show off what you’ve been working so hard on, but if you’re trying out for a new team, tryouts can be nerve-wracking, too! If you’ve ever tried out for a new cheer squad, you know that there is no one word to describe what it’s like. You go back and forth over a whole range of emotions in that single day. Even though you know you should just go in calm and confident, you can’t help feeling a little (or a lot) nervous at times. These are the eight emotions you experience at cheer tryouts. (Source: tumblr.com) It’s one thing to be physically prepared for tryouts‚ and that’s something you’ve hopefully been taking care of already – but it’s easy to overlook mental preparation. No matter how much work you’ve put in getting your jumps and stunts ready for tryouts, you need the mental strength and clarity to perform them well when the time comes. That’s why mental preparation is so important! Here are six ways to mentally prepare for tryouts. Have you always wanted to try cheerleading but never gone out for the squad? Or maybe you’ve never really given cheerleading much thought, but recently started thinking it looked fun? Just because you didn’t start when you were a child doesn’t mean you can’t be a cheerleader! When are your cheer tryouts? What team are you trying out for?

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