Everything You Need to Know About Summer Fitness

by omni

Now that it’s finally summer, fitness is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But you really can fit it in without dragging yourself to a gym! From staying fit on vacation to sneaking workouts into your daily routine, we covered how to easily stay in shape this summer. You know that when the fall season rolls around you’ll be glad you aren’t starting at square one on conditioning! Unless you count cheer camp as vacation (which we might), it can be hard to enjoy yourself on vacation without losing ground on your cheerleading goals. A week to relax and reset can be beneficial, but your fitness level could be set back a couple weeks in a matter of days if you aren’t conscious of it. You don’t want to undo all the hard work you’ve put in! You can enjoy a vacation and stay fit, though. Cheerleaders have pretty busy summers. There is no off-season in cheerleading, after all. Still, you have some extra time in between cheer camp, clinics, and summer practices. You can use this extra time to have fun and enjoy yourself while improving your fitness level‚ which ultimately will make you a better cheerleader! Here are some fun summer activities that double as workouts. Circuits are one of the best, most efficient workouts‚ plus, you can do them in your own backyard. They keep your body guessing as opposed to something like running where you are doing the same thing at the same pace all the time (although running can play a big part in your overall fitness goals). Circuits also allow you to hit a lot of different muscle areas, and you won’t get bored doing them as long as you change up what exercises you include. You likely started your summer break with the best of intentions to get so much accomplished, like getting in shape before the fall cheerleading season starts. But then TV and lawn chairs and ice cream trucks distract you and steal your motivation. You can get it back though! Here are six ways to get your motivation back and conquer your summer fitness goals. What are your favorite ways to stay active during your summer break?

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