Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Cheer Uniforms

by omni

Cheerleading uniforms are the most important piece of cheer gear, so picking them out and ordering them right is essential! Your uniforms say a lot about your squad before you even start to perform. But don’t worry‚ choosing and ordering uniforms doesn’t have to be stressful! We have covered your uniform essentials, so you can order them then get onto focusing on your cheers! Here is what you need to know: When it comes time to order new uniforms, a lot of coaches and cheerleaders find themselves wondering if sideline squads always wear double knit. The short answer is that you can wear anything you want. Of course, you will need to consider what the rules of your school, team, or organization are, but those will likely not specify the types of fabric you can choose. You spend a lot of time picking out the perfect cheerleading uniforms for your squad. Uniforms are the most important part of your ensemble, after all! Once you’ve chosen your perfect uniform, make sure you’ve considered these five things before placing your order. Now that you have considered those important factors, you’re almost ready to place your order! Avoid any hassle and headaches by going over this final checklist before you order. Now let’s have some fun! Your uniform represents your school, team, town, and sport‚ but ultimately, we think it says a lot about your squad’s personality! Whether it’s because of where you’re from or all the time you spend together at practices, cheer camps, games, and competitions, squads develop a group personality even though they’re full of cheerleaders with strong personalities of their own. Take a look at these uniforms and what we think they say about your squad’s personality. What kind of uniforms is your squad getting this year?

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