Everything You Need to Know About Cheer Accessories

by omni

Cheerleaders love accessories. From bows to pom poms and glitter, we can’t live without them. When it comes to cheer accessories, this is what you need to know: You can never, ever have too many bows, so it’s important to know your options. You can choose from metallic, sequin, classic, animal print, and more. It’s a tough call, but you’ve probably been practicing your whole life for decisions like this. Oh, and we highly recommend this as your new life motto. You’ve got tons of cute cheer stuff, and wherever you go, it goes. This means a good bag is a must! Different bags will be better for different situations, and chances are you’ll need more than one. We teamed up with cheerleading apparel company Chasse to show you some great options, from backpacks to duffle bags and adorable cheer totes. Cheerleading is all about spirit, and pom poms and megaphones are spirit essentials! Poms draw and keep the crowd’s attention, spice up your routines, and, let’s face it, are just plain fun to use. Combine those with megaphones to really get the crowd riled up, and you’ll be ruling that sideline this fall! As you transition from summertime camps and practices to the regular season, don’t forget your body basics. They might not be shining as brightly as your uniform and poms under those Friday night lights, but briefs, sports bras, and bodysuits are an important part of the ensemble. As a cheerleader, you have to be good AND look good. The cheer look is different than your average beauty routine. Your makeup has to be noticeable from a distance without being over-the-top, and your hair has to be both glamorous and practical. We shared some tips for striking a balance (one of which obviously included glitter). What cheer accessories can you not live without?

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