Everything You Need to Know About Being a Cheer Parent

by omni

At Cheerleading Blog, we never forget about cheer parents. They’re the backbone of a squad; they provide emotional support; they attend games and competitions; they volunteer; they fundraise. There’s not much cheer parents won’t do for their cheerleaders and their squad. Here are five important things every cheer parent should know. Summer is the toughest month for squads. From cheer camp to practice to preparing for school, a lot goes on during these months. Prepare for summer in order to survive the busy season. Cheerleading can be an expensive sport. From program fees to apparel costs, know the up-front (and hidden) costs of cheer. Did you know you can help your cheerleader on and off the sidelines? Find out how you can help your cheerleader thrive as an athlete and a teammate. To survive as a cheer parent, there are five things you must have. Find out what the list is. To really appreciate what your son or daughter does as a cheerleader, learn about other inspiring stories of cheerleaders. Cheerleaders don’t just encourage spirit; they inspire their teammates and others around them! Check out these incredible cheerleaders and their amazing stories. Are you a cheer parent? What is your advice for other cheer parents?

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