Everything You Need to Know About Banishing Negativity from Your Squad

by omni

Winning is fun and what we all strive for, but when it comes down to it, cheerleading is about the experience first and foremost. In 20 years, the memories and friendships will mean more to you than the trophies. The best way to ensure a good cheerleading experience is to banish negativity from your squad. Last month on the blog, we talked about ways to do this. Here’s what you need to know: When we think of bullying, a lot of us immediately think of kids getting pushed around on the playground or in the back of the school bus. While those things are real and happen way more than they should, bullying can also be emotional. Whether it’s physical or emotional though, it is still bullying and needs to be stopped. Emotional bullying can just be harder to see and handle. In fact, you might even be emotionally bullying someone without realizing it. Social media plays a major role in banishing negativity from your cheer squad. The Internet is a huge help with accessing information for schoolwork and staying in touch with friends and family, but it can also be a place where negativity spreads. The important thing to remember about the Internet, and especially social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is that something you post in the moment can last forever. We all know bullying is bad and harmful, but one form of emotional bullying is still way too common on teams. Even close-knit cheer squads are susceptible to gossip, and it’s important to banish that kind of negativity from your team. Rumors and gossip can tear through your cheer squad and have a damaging effect on your season. Here are six ways gossip hurts your squad. You know banishing bullying of any kind from your team is vital. You can’t perform well, provide a good experience for your team, and just have an all-around good season with that kind of extra noise weighing you down. But how do you keep negativity from seeping into your team? Cheer coaches can banish bullying by following these four steps. What steps do you and your squad take to ensure a positive cheerleading experience for everyone?

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