Everything Cheerleaders Need to Know About Being Back in School

by omni

Whether you love it or hate it, school is back in session. The tests and other assignments can get overwhelming on top of cheerleading and other activities, but school really is important‚ and it can even improve your cheering. That’s why we discussed some helpful school topics this month on the blog to help you handle it all and actually be excited about being back in school. Here’s what you might have missed: You are just coming off your summer break where your only tasks were likely cheer practices and maybe a summer job. Now you have a full plate of classes, cheerleading, and any other clubs, sports, and jobs‚ not to mention your social calendar. Taking these steps can help you manage it all, do it all, and minimize stress. If you are one of those people who aren’t too excited to be back in school, we think you really have missed it. It sounds crazy, we know, but here are five reasons you actually missed school. There really are a lot of things to love about heading back to school! One of those things is the people you’ll get to see. After a couple months of summer, you’ll be ready to see some faces other than those of your siblings. We aren’t just talking about the fact that you’ll be able to see your best friends every day, either. These are the five people you may not realize that you missed over the summer. You are finally settled into the new school year. You have your schedule down and a grasp on what projects and assignments you’ll be doing this year. But, being all in at school doesn’t mean cheerleading isn’t on your mind! It’s prime sideline season, after all. In fact, we think your favorite subject can predict your cheer personality, too. Follow this link to find your favorite class and let us know in the comments if the description fits you! (GIFS via giphy.com)

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