Enter Now To Be Cheerleading Blog’s Reader of the Month!

by omni

Cheerleading Blog’s new 2013 initiatives have been designed to be fun and interactive for our readers! Our readership has been steadily increasing over the last few years, and we think it’s about time to reward our loyal readers! As part of our 2013 schedule, we’ll be rewarding a Reader of the Month each month! Anyone can enter through our partner’s Facebook pages (see more details on that below), and all entries will be included in a drawing. The winner will receive a featured article about them on our blog, as well as a surprise cheer prize from our partners! How To Enter: 1.) Visit the Reader of the Month tab on any of our partner’s Facebook pages: Omni Cheer, Chasse Cheer, Glitterbug Cosmetics or Campus Teamwear. 2.) If you aren’t already a fan, “like’ the page to reveal the entry form. 3.) Fill out the entry form and include a picture of yourself (optional). 4.) Agree to the rules and terms of the promotion. 5.) Submit your entry! Winners will be notified by email, their prize will be shipped and their blog will run during the month that they win! Bam! It’s that easy! We are now accepting entries for Reader of the Month! FAQs Do I have to be a cheerleader to enter? Nope! Any of our blog readers can enter – cheerleaders, coaches, parents, cheer siblings, dancers, gymnasts or those that are just visiting! I’m on the Facebook page but I can’t find the entry form. The entry form is located on a “tab” within the Facebook page. The tabs are located underneath the cover image and profile picture. You’ll see “photos”, “likes”, and then some other options. To reveal all of the tabs and access the Reader of the Month entry form, click on the box that contains a number and an arrow (next to the end of the tab listings row). Then, find the Reader of the Month tab and click on it to open it. Why are the questions on the entry form required? We will be featuring each winner in a blog article, so we need some material to pick from to include in the blog! Will you be including my personal information in the blog article if I win? No, no, no way! We may include information like your first name and your hometown, but your personal information (last name, phone number, address, email) will not be published. Do I have to include a picture of myself? Absolutely not! But we’d really like it if you did so we can include it in the article if you win! What will I win? That’s a surprise! The prizes will be provided by one of our partners, so it will be based on what is new, trending, and in stock to ship. You may receive a cheerleading shirt, glitter makeup, a bag or anything that our partners produce and sell. Are all the prizes cheerleading items? Yes! While anyone can enter, all winners will receive a cheer-themed prize because we are a cheerleading based blog, and our partners, who are providing the prizes, are cheerleading based companies and brands.

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