December Poll Results: What are your December goals?

by omni

The end of the year is the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish moving into January. It’s “New Year, New Me’ after all! However, before you outline what you want out of a whole new year, December is meant to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished thus far, and how you can do some last ditch efforts to end the year as strong as possible! So, what is the most important December goals for cheerleaders? We asked, you voted, and now it’s time to reveal the results! 1. Speaking of squad goals, the most popular December goal is a proactive one! At 35%, the number one voted answer is “mastering a new stunt before year’s end “, and there’s always something new to learn in cheerleading. Cheerleaders are known for challenging themselves, so it’s only natural that one last big push to accomplish an outlying cheer goal is at the top of the to-do list! Question is, who reached their last minute cheer goal for the year?? 2. Cheerleaders strive for excellence, so challenging oneself happens to be the first and second most voted answer. 23% of you answered that your top December goal is “acing your finals “‚ although we all know that doing well in school is something all cheerleaders must do. You have to maintain that B-average in school to keep cheering, so you can’t let your grades slip! Now that January is here, we hope all of you in school did an outstanding job wrapping up your school semester! And, cheers to looking forward to spring semester! 3. Since cheerleaders are smart and goal-oriented, let’s add another quality to the list‚ uplifting! Answer number three, at 19%, is “finishing the year in good cheer. ” Being a source of optimism is important as a cheerleader, and many need to be reminded what the holiday season is really about. Whether you spread cheer at school, to your community, or to your friends and family over the holidays, we hope you had a great time doing it! 4. And, speaking of holidays, 17% of you said your number one December goal is “having the best holiday season ever “! Being around the people you cherish most in your life around the holidays will do wonders for anyone’s morale, too. The holidays are always a nice time to catch up and make memories with your loved ones, so we hope that you took advantage of this fun-filled time. 5. Last, but not least, 6% of voters said that their number one December goal is “staying as warm as possible “. That’s fair‚ it’s cold outside. And, if you are the goal-oriented cheer enthusiast that we know you are, then chances are that you’re already on top of your game enough that beating the outside temperature is number one on the list! See the full results of the poll below, and don’t forget to vote in our January poll! Were you surprised about the results? Let us know in the comments!

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