December Poll Results: How will you spend the holidays?

by omni

The holidays are drawing to a close as we get ready to start a new year. We love the holidays, from the music and movies to seasonal activities and even our holiday guilty pleasures. Since we love the holidays so much, we wanted to know how you were going to spend them! We asked about your holiday plans in our December poll, you voted, and the results are in! A few of you are going to be traveling, opening gifts, and getting in some training sessions with your time off. Good for you! A lot of you have spent the last couple weeks visiting friends and family and lounging at home. Winter break is a great time to give your body a much-needed rest so you can go full out in the new year! Most of our readers said you would spend the holidays practicing with your team. We agree that there’s no better way to spend your free time away from school than cheering! Your hard work will definitely pay off, and we hope you had plenty of time left over to relax with your family and friends when you weren’t in the gym. See the full results below and be sure to vote in next month’s poll!

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