Competition Season from a Cheerleader’s Perspective (in GIFs)

by omni

Alright, so there’s nothing more physically and psychologically demanding than being emerged in the competition season grind as a cheerleader. Across all levels, competitive cheerleaders go full out all season long with little room for error. This is no walk-in-the-park kind of cheerleading; this is an all-in, all-intense, all-encompassing sport. And, cheerleaders wouldn’t have it any other way! Being a competitive cheerleader means many things, but in the middle of any season, a participant could look around and realize a thing or two about their recent past, present, and future. So, here is a glimpse into competition season from a cheerleader’s perspective. 1. Everyone’s worried about winter weight, and you’re looking around like‚ [Source: Giphy] You hear “New Year, New Me,”‘ but that doesn’t really apply to you, considering no matter what you eat over the holidays, it comes right back off with conditioning practice. Sure, you shouldn’t go overboard with holiday food ‚ especially if you’re a flyer ‚ but you can’t help but laugh when you hear people complain about “getting to the gym.” The struggle really isn’t that real. 2. And, “home for the holidays” isn’t really “home.” [Source: Giphy] You’re definitely not balancing school with cheerleading anymore (for a few weeks, at least), but the majority of your “holiday’ is spent practicing, traveling, and participating in cheer-related activities, like fundraising or community parades. It’s okay though‚ you’d rather be too busy than bored. 3. Everything up until this point in time has been child’s play. [Source: Giphy] All of the summer practices, all of sideline season, all of everything in between‚ that was NOTHING. Once you walk in the doors to the first official practice of competition season, you automatically launch into beast-mode and will not stop until the final competitions are in the bag. That. Just. HAPPENED. 4. You sometimes wonder if the grass is greener‚ [Source: Giphy] Bad practices happen. Sometimes, you want to throw your hands up, crumple to the ground, and start sobbing over your choice to become a competitive cheerleader in the first place. Competing is not for the weak of spirit! Around this time, you wonder how other people your age lives, and how they manage going day to day without cheering‚ without a second family to fall back on‚ and then you realize that’s just no way to live. 5. But, what you’re doing defies science and physics. Which is pretty cool. [Source: Giphy] Okay‚ maybe it’s not. But, it SEEMS like what you’re doing is something only Cirque Du Soleil acrobats achieve, so at the end of the day, you wouldn’t trade cheering for anything else on the planet. Plus, you look good doing it. And, that just makes it all the better! How else do cheerleaders look at competition season? Let us know in the comments!

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