Cheer Your Heart Out

by omni

What’s a cheerleader without cheers? No matter where you’re performing – on the sidelines, a blue mat, or gym floor – a good cheer squad knows the value of spirited cheers and chants. If you’re a new cheerleader, read about everything you need to know about cheers and chants. If you’re an experienced cheerleader or coach, familiarize yourself with the details you may have forgotten. What makes a cheer or chant good? What are the elements of a cheer? Before you can create, learn, or understand cheers and chants, you’ve got to know how they started and why they’re a game necessity. You’ve got some great cheers so you can use them at any point during a game, right? Wrong! It’s crucial to know when it is and isn’t appropriate to cheer and which cheers you should use at different points of a game. A good cheer isn’t just about shaking pom poms and shouting out chants. Many cheers involve choreography. To make your cheer catchy and spirited, know what types of moves and music work well for games and pep rallies. Teaching a cheer? By understanding the key elements of teaching, you’ll have no problem teaching your squad new cheers. It’s not always easy learning a new cheer. By following our tips for learning (and remembering!) new chants, you’ll never have a problem mastering cheers all season long. Just for fun, if it were possible to cheer anywhere in the world, where would you cheer? We made a list of the dream cheering destinations that should be on every cheerleader’s bucket list. Do you have a favorite cheer? What do you love most about cheering?

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