Cheer Coaches: Your Pre-Order Checklist

by omni

If you’re a cheer coach, this is the time of year you are wrapping up your tryouts and choosing your team for the upcoming cheer season. That means your next steps are getting to know your new team members and ordering your cheer uniforms, warmups, and other cheer gear! Choosing your team cheer apparel is a major step toward a great cheer season, so set your team up for success by consulting this pre-order checklist: Budget. How much money do you have for uniforms and other cheer expenses? Make sure you aren’t going over budget and that you prioritize. If you have limited funds, uniforms and warmups should be your top priority. Any leftover money can be put to good use by buying team accessories like hair bows or bags. You can get quality uniforms and other cheer gear for a great price, so make sure you look around for the best options. Administrative approval. If you are ordering for a school team, make sure you have approval from the necessary administrators before placing your order. Some school districts have dress code requirements for their athletic teams, and you don’t want to find out after the fact that your team won’t be allowed to cheer in the new uniforms. You might also find out that the team will be able to wear the uniforms for games, but won’t be able to wear them to school on game days. Knowing that ahead of time will ensure expectations are met and no one is disappointed. Some schools also have rules about wearing team colors. If your squad wants to get black warmups, for example, but your school colors are blue and gold, the administration might not allow non-school color warmups. Order details. Collect the sizes each team member needs for the items you are ordering. Do you have any extra optional cheer items you are ordering, like bags, bows, socks, shoes, or t-shirts? If so, make sure you know who wants them and what sizes, colors, and styles they want. Check and double-check the list and have them do the same. Customization. If you have customized your order, make sure the spelling and logo are correct. These are usually non-returnable if the error is made on your end, so be extra careful! Payment. Is the school or team covering the cost or are the cheerleaders themselves responsible for the payment? If the cheerleaders are buying the uniforms and other gear themselves, make sure you have collected all the money before you place the order. What’s your advice for ordering cheerleading uniforms?

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